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:empllama:Going all NUTS in terms of fandoms and stuff.



Nora and Leon: Midnight in Tokyo. by Switchback17

I don't pay attention to whether the lighting is "correct", I just stick with what looks good, so I wouldn't be able to say much about ...


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Well it's pretty much summer and I haven't been doing much of anything besides drawing.

As always I'm never very active here, but I am usually on tumblr.

I am accepting commissions so you can always visit here for more info about that.…




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United States
Hello people. It's been a while since I was very active here, so this section deserves an update, yeah?

My name is Alexandra. 20, in school for digital illustration. I love video games and a few animes, I ship a ton of stuff, and I also love fanfiction. I cosplay as much as I can, and it's one of the best things I've ever gotten into.

I will be cosplaying Jill Valentine (RE3) and Ada Wong (RE: DC) at Acen 2014.

I'm usually on my tumblr every day, and you can feel free to follow/ask/message me as much as you want if you'd like to chat.

I'm currently playing Fallout: New Vegas and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Favorite Pairings:

If a pairing isn't listed, assume that I hate it.

:bulletred: Resident Evil: *Jill x Wesker | Jill x Chris | *Jill x Carlos | *Ada x Leon | *Claire x Steve | *Claire x Leon | Sheva x Wesker | *Sheva x Chris | *Sheva x Billy | *Chris x Piers | *Sherry x Jake

:bulletgreen: The Legend of Zelda: *Link x Saria | *Dark Link x Saria | *Zelda x M!Shiek | SUBTLE Skyward Sword version of Zelda x Link | Zelda x Gannondorf | *Shiek x OC | *Link x OC | *Dark Link x OC

:bulletblack: Mortal Kombat: *Jade x Kung Lao | *Jade x Ermac | *Jade x Smoke | *Liu Kang x Kitana | *Scorpion x HIS WIFE | Scorpion x Mileena | *Mileena x Raiden | *Mileena x Johnny Cage | Skarlet x Noob

:bulletyellow: Fable: Reaver x Sparrow | *Lady Grey x Sparrow | *Logan x Princess

:bulletblue: Mass Effect: *F!Shep x Ashley | *F!Shep x Kaidan | F!Shep x Thane | F!Shep x Garrus | F!Shep x Miranda | M!Shep x Ashley | M!Shep x Jack | *F!Shep x M!Shep

:bulletred: Dragon Age: Origins: *F!Cousland x Alistair | *F!Cousland x Ser Gilmore | *F!Surana x Cullen | *F!Surana x Morrigan | *F!Surana x Zevran | *F!Mahariel x Zevran | *F!Mahariel x Tamlen | Morrigan x M!Cousland x Leliana

:bulletred: Dragon Age 2: *F!Hawke x Anders | *F!Hawke x Fenris | *F!Hawke x Isabela | F!Hawke x Sebastian

:bulletblue: Dead Rising: *Frank x OC | Frank x Isabela

:bulletgreen: Fallout 3: *Butch x F!LW | *Harkness x F!LW | *Sgt. Benjamin Montgomery x F!LW | Gob x F!LW

:bulletblack: Fallout: New Vegas: *Vulpes Inculta x F!Courier | Benny x F!Courier | *Boone x F!Courier | *Joshua Graham x F!Courier

:bulletred: Devil May Cry: *Dante x Lucia | *Dante x OC and Nero x OC (when written properly and free of cliche plotlines...)

:bulletpurple: Saints Row: *Gat x F!Playa | *Troy x F!Playa

:bulletpurple: Saints Row 2: *Gat x F!Boss | *Shaundi x F!Boss | *Carlos x F!Boss

:bulletpurple: Saints Row 3: *F!Boss x Pierce | F!Boss x Josh

:bulletpurple: Saints Row 4:F!Boss x Gat | F!Boss x Pierce | F!Boss x Matt

:bulletblue: Phantasy Star Online: Any pairings without Mary Sues hurr hurr

:bulletblack: TES 3 - Morrowind: Vivec x Almalexia | Nerevar x Almalexia | *Barenziah x Symmachus | Nerevar x OC | *M!Nerevarine x OC | F!Nerevarine x King Helseth

:bulletred: TES 4 - Oblivion: *F!PC x Lucien Lachance | F!PC x Azzan | F!PC x Martin

:bulletblue:TES 5 - Skyrim: *F!PC x Brynjolf | *F!PC x Ancano | *F!PC x Vilkas | *F!PC x Vorstag | F!PC x Hadvar

:bulletgreen: Left 4 Dead: Francis x Rochelle | Francis x Zoey | One sided Ellis x Zoey | Nick x Rochelle | *Nick x OC | *Ellis x OC

:bulletyellow: Naruto: *Lee x Sakura | *Itachi x Sakura | *Gaara x OC | *Neji x OC | *Lee x OC | *Itachi x OC

:bulletred: Inuyasha: *Sesshomaru x Kagome | Naraku x Sesshomaru | Inuyasha x Kagome | Miroku x Sango


It's not normal for me to thank individuals for favorites anymore. It's very time consuming, and I don't like repeating the same message over and over. However, I still do respond to all comments (except for negative ones or questions I've already answered) so don't be afraid to say whatever you'd like to :3

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